Ten Minute Play Festival

Congratulations to the Winning Playwrights!

Selections have been made for the 2021 印第安纳州 Ten Minute Play Festival! Congratulations to all the playwrights! 

“Two Yards of Satan” by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos (produced by Westfield Playhouse, directed by Kate Hinman)
“Terms and Conditions” by Mary Karty (produced by Emerging Artists Theatre, directed by Anthony Nathan)
“Scavengers” by Marcia Eppich-Harris (produced by Catalyst Repertory Theatre, directed by Casey Ross)
“Dog Park” by Josie Gingrich (produced by Theatre Unchained, directed by Megan Ann Jacobs) 
“Karma Cop” by Megan Ann Jacobs (Produced by Elliot Productions, directed by Spencer Elliot) 
“Echoes” by Garret Schneider (produced by Monument Theatre Company, directed by Maverick Schmidt)
“Nice Knowing You” by Lou Harry (produced by American Lives Theatre, directed by Joe Barsanti) 
The 印第安纳州 Ten Minute Play Festival will be November 11-14, 2021, at IndyFringe. Tickets and more details coming soon! 

Submission Guidelines 2021

 Script Requirements: 

  • – Must be 10 minutes or less (maximum of 12 traditionally formatted pages) 
  • – No more than 5 actors 
  • – Never produced in 印第安纳州 
  • – Must be submitted blind via Airtable form below 
  • – Script has never been submitted to this festival before 
  • More details can be found on the submission form below.

Playwright Requirements: 

  • – Must be an 印第安纳州 resident 
  • – Must be able to attend the Kick-Off Meeting in person (Saturday, October 9th) and at least 1 performance. 
  • – Agree to $50 royalty compensation and allow recording rights (will be used for archival purposes only). 

2020 Program

Hurry Up 这是 Almost Bedtime by Janice Neal
Directed by Anthony Nathan with Emerging Artists Theatre
The funny story of three “mature” ladies who are trying to cover up the murder of their elderly, male residence. One of the ladies is guilty as sin and the others agree to help her get out of the mess, but they must hurry before 这是 time to go to bed.  

Aloha Apocalypse by Marcia Eppich-Harris
Directed by Megan Ann Jacobs with Rapture Theatre
Ed and Sophie wake up on January 13, 2018, to learn that their Hawaiian vacation is being interrupted by nuclear war. To ease his conscience before they die, Ed confesses his long-kept secret to his wife. As they say goodbye to one apocalypse, the couple says hello to a new one.  

Don’t Toy With Me by Andrew Black
Directed by Casey Ross with Catalyst Repertory Theatre 
A chance meeting between G.I. Joe and Ken in the Malibu Barbie Beach House leads to complications when it turns out the two men experience an attraction for one another that Barbie most certainly will not approve of.  How will the two resolve their feelings for one another under the watchful eye of one of the most famous blondes in the world? 

是 You Busy Tonight? by Russell Ridgeway
Directed by Anthony Nathan with Emerging Artists Theatre 
是  busy tonight? 这是 a simple question really. But so much more can be learned, and laughed at, from answers. Especially when the questioner becomes the questioned. 

Promposal! by Josie Gingrich
Directed by Spencer Elliot with Heritage Christian High School Theatre Department
Oblivious, big-hearted Sam has grand plans (a glitter bomb! a marching band!) to ask introverted Anna to prom, but he has SERIOUSLY misjudged the situation.  

Ordained by Mark Harvey Levine
Directed by Megan Ann Jacobs with Rapture Theatre 
Sharon has a license — and 她是 not afraid to use it!  

Sock Puppet Fetish Noir by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos
Directed by Casey Ross with Catalyst Repertory Theatre 
Jane’s socks are missing, and she needs the help of “Darrell”, a sock puppet investigator, to find them. But “Darrell” has issues. As it turns out, so does Jane. 

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